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LCD TV Repair made easy # 6

Now that we see a great many surface mounted components being used in modern day TVs many repairmen are so intimidated they may forget there are still a great many serviceable components and circuits, Especially the switch mode power supply. Here are a few ebooks I thought were very helpful.Troubleshooting & Repairing LCD TVs by [...] Cracked and Damaged LCD Repair

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Sony Ericsson w595 LCD replacement.

Broken Screen on your Sony W595 Phone? Need to replace the cracked or damaged LCD display to maky your w595 functional again?  Then the following video is what you need.  A decent guide through taking the sony w595 apart and replacing the LCD screen.  Directly below the video you will find links to buy the [...]No related posts. Cracked and Damaged LCD Repair

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Mobile Phone Tones

Cell phone ring tones are a great way to personalize your phone. There are a few options here. You can make your own ring tones or you can get a ringtone that someone else made. 

I am more into the making your own ringtones.  Here is a great site for making your own ringtone, and converting it to a format that your phone will recognize.

The site will allow you to upload music from your computer or from and then chop it up.  Then you have the option of re-saving the ringtone to your hard drive or send the ringtone to your cell phone right off the site. 

Personally, I chose a few songs from ISHTAR. Its a pretty funny movie with Dustan Hoffman and Warren Beatty.  Ok, back to topic. 

Mobile phone tones are cool. 

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How to replace a cracked or broken Nokia 2610 LCD Screen

Have you dropped your phone and broke the LCD screen. Surprisingly this is a fix that is really easy; everyone can do it. All you need is a few basic tools, and perhaps an hour or less.

You can buy a replacement Nokia 2610 LCD Screen from eBay.


T-6 torx driver

Plastic tool (I use a guitar pick)


1. Power off the phone.

2. Remove the battery and SIM card.


3. Carefully insert a plastic tool/guitar pick into the seam, and begin to pry the two sides of the housing apart.  There are two plastic tabs on each side (four in total) of the housing that hold it together. 


4. Using a T-6 torx driver, remove the 6 screws holding the mainboard/LCD screen to the back housing. 


5. Hold firmly onto the two metal tabs on the LCD screen where the screws used to be, halfway down each side. Press gently on the lower portion of the LCD screen to separate it from the guide, referring to the photo below. 


6. Insert the plastic tool under the tab in the upper right hand corner of the LCD screen to separate the LCD screen from the main board. The lower picture is how it should look when the LCD screen is removed.



7. Set the old LCD screen aside, being careful to not scratch or smudge the new LCD screen. 

8. Place the replacement LCD screen back onto the main board.  Apply pressure gently on the connection until it rests firmly in place.


9. Place the LCD screen metal guide back over the top of the LCD screen. Ensure proper orientation. If it starts to bind up too much in one corner or another, remove and retry.  You don't want to crack the LCD screen. Line up the metal guide with the screw holes on the main board. Also, be careful not to scratch or smudge the LCD screen. If so, it will need to be cleaned.

10. With all the screw holes lined up, put all six T-6 torx screws back in.  Be careful to not over-torque the screws. 


11. The front cover can now be put back on. Hook the front cover over the back cover, as in the picture below. Press firmly on the middle and lower sections of both sides of the housing until the four clips are fully in place. Make sure the clips are fully engaged. 


12. Reinstall the SIM card, battery and back cover. 

13. Power on the phone to verify proper operation. 


That's it!  Enjoy your newly repaired Nokia 2610 LCD screen.  And laugh at all your friends that have to spend lots of money to have someone else fix their phone. 

Remember you can get a New Nokia 2610 LCD Screen from the store. 

And I know that I said to reinstall the sim card.  I don't have one for this phone when the picture was taken.  Yours will need to be reinstalled. 

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Disclaimer: Disassembling your Nokia 2610 will void the warranty. Proceed with the following instructions at you own risk. is not liable for any damage that may occur. This website is in no way related to or associated with Nokia.

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Monitor Electronics Repair – Troubleshooting Guide For LCD Monitors?

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