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Replacement of Nokia N81 LCD Display Screen

This is a good video that shows how to replace the Nokia N81 LCD screen.  When do you need to replace the screen on the N81?  If you screen is cracked, or the backlight is dead, broken screen, or any lcd defect in general.
A new screen for the Nokia N81 seems to be 30 dollars [...]

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Ways to Unlock Your Cell Phone

It is very common to unlock cell phones today. There are many different ways to unlock your phone. Unlocking services are available in almost all regular cell phone repair stores, online and even from service providers.

One way to unlock you cell phone is by getting an unlock code. Unlock codes can be ordered online or Ebay, service providers and from regular or third-party stores. When choosing this option you’ll be required to enter the unlock code and in a few minutes the lock condition of the mobile phone will be converted to unlocked. To determine how to unlock your phone, it is best to search google first.

A different way to unlock a cell phone is to take it to a repair shop that provides unlocking services for cell phones. The technician will use special hardware or a software package to connect to the cell phone. Once connected, the technician can configure the software to unlock the mobile phone. This occasionally involves flashing the firmware or it can be as uncomplicated as switching a setting that isn’t accessible to the general public. The danger of this is that some cell phones stop working properly because a few settings are changed. Some phones have functions that the user will not able to use because they will not work with SIM cards from different carriers. This is particularly true for T-mobile Sidekicks.

Having your cell phone unlocked online is one of the easiest manners to do it. To look for a website that offers this service you just open up any search engine then search for the phrase “unlock” and your type of mobile phone. The results will provide you with numerous websites that offer this service. You’ll be able to find cell phones that are already unlocked. This way, you won’t have to send your phone in and wait for it to be returned back to you.

A brand-new way to unlock most phones is a Turbo SIM unlock overlay card. This is used by inserting in between the SIM card and the the phone’s contacts. The card is so thin that it won’t produce any bulkiness when used in your cell phone. The unlocking SIM card is programmed to tell the cell phone it’s using an approved SIM.

This method has been proven to be effective and it was even featured in several papers and on TV. This will definitely provide you with an instant unlocked cellphone.
To buy a unlock card, a cell phone unlock code, or to find a service, click on one of the link below.

Cell Phone Unlock Codes

Cell Phone Unlock SIM Cards

Phone Unlocking Services

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Six Tips for Cell Phone Longevity

Cell phones are vastly important to many of us.  If not most of us.  We need them more and more for communications, directions, entertainment, the time, E-mail, and a host of other needs. So keeping you cell phone in peak condition is key. The care of you cell phone is really simple when it comes down to it. There are only a few small things that you must be aware of when dealing with these handy little devices.

Girls talking on cell phones.

Girls talking on cell phones.

• Prevent them from being exposed to extreme temperature differences. Extreme hot and cold are both factors in the early death of a cell phone. Heat can cause damage to the Cell phone LCD Screen and the cell phones other sensitive electronics. Cold can also cause the temperary loss of LCD Screen viability, and stall the mobile phones sensitive electronic

• Avoid exposure to moisture and dampness with your cell phone. Moisture is the nemesis of any cell phone. Do your best not to drop cell phone in the sink, pool, tub, glass of milk, and toilets. Aside from those obvious things, avoid picking up you cell phone with wet or damp hands. Or setting it down on a damp surface. If you and your phone have to enter a moisture rich area, then show all caution. A belt clip or a leash can be bought for cheap and help prevent the phone from taking a swim.

• Keep the phone from shock.  Don’t drop it. Dropping the phone is very bad for it. It’s not really the dropping it, its when the phone strikes a hard surface. Surfaces like a counter top, sidewalk, hardwood floor, and such are not forgiving to cell phones.

•Keep the phone from getting scratched. This is as much cosmetic as anything else. Scratches are the death of touch screens. Cell phone touch screens are very fragile. The use of cell phone “skins” or cases is the best way to avoid this one. Keep in mind that scratching can occur as easily in a purse or pocket as being dropped.

• Charge your battery appropriatly.  Cell phone batterys are often a hudge limitation on a cell phone. Many problems that cell phones can have are due to battery that are weak and dying. Check the manufacturer guidlines if you have any questions on if you are maintaining your batteries life correctly. Also batteries are not very expensive as opposed to buying a new cell phone altogether. Just replacing your battery is an option that shoud be kept in mind.

• Keep your cell phone dust free and clean. Dust can slowly work it’s way into everything. It can work its way under the buttons and the LCD screen.  Or in between the digitizer (touch screen) and the LCD Screen itself. It can also cause damage to the cell phone electronics in the form of static and heat build up.  A micro fiber cloth is handy to keep around to clean the surfaces of your cell phone.

Many of us have spent alot of money on our cell phones. And it is only natural to want to protect our investments. A cell phone can be had for years of service if only it is well maintained.

If any harm does befall your trusted cell phone there is hope. There are websites like this one, that have lots of great information on bringing your cell phone back to life for hopefully severalmore years of trusted service.

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How to replace a cracked or broken LCD Screen on a LG Shine

You can buy a replacement LG Shine LCD Screen from EBAY! For Cheap!

Tools needed:

Size 00 Phillips head screw driver.

Small flat head screw driver.

Plastic tap (guitar pick)

1. Remove back cover, battery, and smart card. If there is a micro SD card in the phone, remove that as well.


2. Remove the 6 small screws from the back


3. Using a small plastic tab. Insert into the seam of back and gently separate the back housing section from the rest of the phone.


4. Use plastic tab and gently lift up the PCB that the camera attached to and separate from the main board.


5. Notice large gray ribbon connection. Using small plastic tap, gently lift up and separate.


6. Notice the locking clips on the main board connecting it to the housing. Use plastic tab and carefully release them and separate main board from housing.


7. Remove the 6 screws holding the two sections together.


8. Using a small flathead screwdriver, gently pry back the two small gray circle covers to expose two screws.


9. Remove all 6 screws from the back of the housing.


10. Using the plastic tab, gently pry it into the seam between the two remaining halves. Work it gently around the edges until the two halves separate, exposing the LCD screen.


11. Remove the two screws the hold the cover over the track button.


12. Gently pry LCD loose. Note: it is still attached with a ribbon cable. And fold the two sections open, like in the picture.


13. Gently peel away the blue tape. Careful to keep sticky side free of debris for use later.

14. Using the plastic tab, release the clip on the ribbon cable socket.


15. Remove the old LCD screen.


16. Ensure new LCD screen is cleaned and reinsert ribbon back into the connection. (Mine is not a good example of clean) Pressing down on the clip to reengage it into place.

17. Pressing down on the clip to reengage it into place. And Reinsert the Blue tape over the ribbon cable connection.


18. Fold Screen back over into the lower section of housing. Being careful to properly align screen into housing body.

19. Replace the screws that sits over the track button.


20. Feed the ribbon threw the slider section of housing. And seat it correctly. Then reinsert the six screws according to the picture.


21. Place the two gray caps back over the screw.


22. Reattach the housing section with the keypad membrane. Reinstall the six screws.


23. Reinstall the main board at this point. Feed the gray ribbon cable threw the hole. Take notice of the two locking tabs. Make sure these get fully engaged on reinstallation.


24. Using gentle pressure, press down on the head of the gray ribbon cable. Ensure it is fully seated.

25. Next, reseat the smaller board in place. Be careful of the connection. Seat it in place with firm pressure.


26. Finally install the back section of housing. Note the orientation of the side buttons. And reinstall the 6 screws.


27. Now the battery and the back cover. You’re done. Enjoy your newly repaired LG Shine.

Remember, you can buy LG Shine Replacement LCD Screens from our store.

That’s it! Now you have taken the steps to repair you cell phone, and save lots of money.

Disclaimer: Disassembling your LG Shine will void the warranty. Proceed with the following instructions at your own risk. is not liable for any damage that may occur. This web site is in no way related to or associated with LG.

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Repair Canon Powershot SD700IS LCD Screen

Canon SD700 LCD Screen Repair Replace the LCD screen on a Canon Powershot SD700.  The following video is great for repairing a cracked display and or damaged LCD.  Repairing your own LCD screen is cost effective and gives you a great sense of acclomplishment. The guy who made the video belwo actually boke his S700 [...]No related posts. Cracked and Damaged LCD Repair

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