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Repair Nokia 6680 LCD Screen

Is you Nokia 6680  LCD screen not lighting up?  Cracked the screen on the 6680.  Replace the LCD screen on the Nokia 6680 using the following procedure and the the following parts that are available from ebay.
Tools required: Torx 6 screwdriver, plastic tool such as a credit card or guitar pick
You can find a good [...]

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Replacement of Nokia N81 LCD Display Screen

This is a good video that shows how to replace the Nokia N81 LCD screen.  When do you need to replace the screen on the N81?  If you screen is cracked, or the backlight is dead, broken screen, or any lcd defect in general.
A new screen for the Nokia N81 seems to be 30 dollars [...]

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Nokia Mobile Phone Soft and Hard Reset

Is your Nokia mobile phone not working correctly? Is it sluggish, taking forever to load? Here are two tips to recover your Nokia mobile phone, bringing it back to life and giving it back the speed it once had. These codes will work on nearly all Nokia mobile phones.

Soft Reset

A Soft Reset will clear pending errors and bring your mobile phone back to its preset state by restoring the factory settings. To operate this function on your mobile, the code is: *#7380#

Hard Reset

Hard Resets are sometimes needed after the soft reset was performed but the problem was not resolved. Enter the code: *#7370# then press Yes to confirm initialization.

For the Hard Reset, it is recommended that you backup all info, such as phone numbers, contacts and any data you would like to keep.

If the Nokia Mobile Phone will not turn on, press these 3 buttons at the same time: ( on/off) + ( * ) + ( 3 ).

With these tips, you should be able to overcome your phone's sluggish nature, giving you a working phone. For other problems, such as broken screens and keypads, please read my other posts.

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Six Tips for Cell Phone Longevity

Cell phones are vastly important to many of us.  If not most of us.  We need them more and more for communications, directions, entertainment, the time, E-mail, and a host of other needs. So keeping you cell phone in peak condition is key. The care of you cell phone is really simple when it comes down to it. There are only a few small things that you must be aware of when dealing with these handy little devices.

Girls talking on cell phones.

Girls talking on cell phones.

• Prevent them from being exposed to extreme temperature differences. Extreme hot and cold are both factors in the early death of a cell phone. Heat can cause damage to the Cell phone LCD Screen and the cell phones other sensitive electronics. Cold can also cause the temperary loss of LCD Screen viability, and stall the mobile phones sensitive electronic

• Avoid exposure to moisture and dampness with your cell phone. Moisture is the nemesis of any cell phone. Do your best not to drop cell phone in the sink, pool, tub, glass of milk, and toilets. Aside from those obvious things, avoid picking up you cell phone with wet or damp hands. Or setting it down on a damp surface. If you and your phone have to enter a moisture rich area, then show all caution. A belt clip or a leash can be bought for cheap and help prevent the phone from taking a swim.

• Keep the phone from shock.  Don't drop it. Dropping the phone is very bad for it. It's not really the dropping it, its when the phone strikes a hard surface. Surfaces like a counter top, sidewalk, hardwood floor, and such are not forgiving to cell phones.

•Keep the phone from getting scratched. This is as much cosmetic as anything else. Scratches are the death of touch screens. Cell phone touch screens are very fragile. The use of cell phone "skins" or cases is the best way to avoid this one. Keep in mind that scratching can occur as easily in a purse or pocket as being dropped.

• Charge your battery appropriatly.  Cell phone batterys are often a hudge limitation on a cell phone. Many problems that cell phones can have are due to battery that are weak and dying. Check the manufacturer guidlines if you have any questions on if you are maintaining your batteries life correctly. Also batteries are not very expensive as opposed to buying a new cell phone altogether. Just replacing your battery is an option that shoud be kept in mind.

• Keep your cell phone dust free and clean. Dust can slowly work it's way into everything. It can work its way under the buttons and the LCD screen.  Or in between the digitizer (touch screen) and the LCD Screen itself. It can also cause damage to the cell phone electronics in the form of static and heat build up.  A micro fiber cloth is handy to keep around to clean the surfaces of your cell phone.

Many of us have spent alot of money on our cell phones. And it is only natural to want to protect our investments. A cell phone can be had for years of service if only it is well maintained.

If any harm does befall your trusted cell phone there is hope. There are websites like this one, that have lots of great information on bringing your cell phone back to life for hopefully severalmore years of trusted service.

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Another wet cell phone fix

Here is another video about wet cell phone recovery. We cell phone repair is a topic that keeps popping up for some reason.  Here is another video just to reiterate the place of attack if you are attempting a wet cell phone fix. 

So don't despair if your cell phone got wet!  Dropped in the toilet, went for a swim in the pool, got spit on, dropped off the boat, or even sabotaged. In many cases the phone can be fixed. This wet cell phone fix does work.  Good Luck!

If you have any good stories about wet cell phones, we would like to hear them.  Please take a moment to replay under the post or on our contact us page. 

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