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Fixing Your Own Cell Phone is Cheaper!

Repair Touch Screen Problems on LG VU CU920

How to replace the Touch Screen on LG CU920. If your touch screen on your LG VU is not working, you are not alone.  This is one of the most common complaints with the CU920.  Don't despair. It is fairly straightforward to replace the touch screen and they are not very expensive.  They range from [...]

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HTC Tilt LCD Screen Repair

HTC 8925 Tilt LCD Screen Repair Is the screen on your ATT Tilt broken or cracked, damaged or just not working right? Thinking about getting a new phone but saw just how expensive they are and that your warranty service doesn't cover the LCD display screen? Oh yeah, that sucks and is a rarely discussed part of the phone warranty. [...]No related posts. Cracked and Damaged LCD Repair

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LG KF700 LCD Screen Replacement

Is the LCD screen on your LG Kf700 broken? How to replace the screen on a KF700? Is the screen on you KF700 from LG cracked or damaged and you want to repair it?  Then this video below will show you how.
Why repair the display on your KF700 yourself? Cost! A new screen will run [...]

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Nokia 6280 LCD Display Replacement Repair

This video shows how to take off the top part of the housing and replace the LCD Screen and put it back together. A good video if you need to know how to replace the LCD display on your Nokia 6280. Find replacement screens from ebay,. Some are listed below to make it easier for [...]

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Get a Free Blackberry Curve or A Cheap Google G1 Android Phone

Are you in the market for a new phone? Want to get a nice phone without spending very much?  Trying to find the secret promo codes for T-mobile that gets you free phones. Then this is the post for you. 

Did you want to get the New Google G1 Android Smartphone from T-mobile, but didn’t want to pay 399 dollars? How does 299 sound? Still, too high?  Then how about 139 dollars? That’s right 139 dollars!

How about the Blackberry Curve Sunset from t-mobile?  Instead of 99 dollars after rebate, it is free after rebate.

The new Blackberry Flip 8220 is also available.  Instead of paying 149, get it for 49 dollars after rebate.

There are many phones available for free or significantly reduced prices.

How can you get these incredible deals? Well, T-mobile offers discounts to different corporations.  The trick is knowing how to find the website.

Don’t Pay for these codes on eBay.  You can find the t-mobile promo codes easily enough for free.

Lets say you work for Avon.  The address is\avon.

How about FedEx?\fedex

If you work for Starbucks your address would be\starbucks

Get the idea? 

So lets use Aeropostale because I am sure someone reading this works for them.

Click on

When you do go to this page it will forward you to an address like this:

Don’t be alarmed, you are still on t-mobiles website, it is just a sub domain that is setup for these promotions

You can setup your account and phone online if you like or look on the side and you will see a phone number you can call.  Sometimes there will be a Code you have to give.

The information for Aeropostale is: 

1-866-464-8662. Call this number and identify yourself as an Aeropostale employee with Promotion Code: 8464TMOFAV.

If you can, call in.  Sometimes you only have to sign up for a 1 year contract instead of a 2 year one online.

Give it a try and let us know how it works for you.  Leave a comment below and share your experience with everyone.

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