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Nokia N95 LCD Replacement

Broke your Nokia N95 LCD Screen. Or perhaps you dropped it. Perhaps the back light died on your phone. Or maybe your phone was hurled threw the air by a reckless friend in a weird bet. These things do happen. Not to fear, there is help. Nokia N95 Replacement LCD Screens can be bought on eBay for cheap.

Cheap N95 LCD Screens on eBay

Here is a nice video I found that will walk you threw the whole process.

As you watch, pay close attention to his rings. Nice, eh!!. And he moves pretty fast, so don’t be afraid to use the pause button.

So, Like I said. The Replacement LCS screens for you Nokia N95 can be bought for around $25 dollars.  

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Nokia Tips and Tricks: Codes

Here are a bunch of codes for checking all sorts of things on your Nokia mobile phones. These codes work with most Nokia cell phone models.

1.  Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR)

Uses the best sound quality.  Will reduce talk time.

Activate: *3370#

Deactivate: #3370#

2.   Half Rate Codec (HRC)

Uses a lower sound quality.  Will increase talk time.

Activate: *#4720#

Deactivate: *#4720#

3.  Software Version


1st Line: Software Version

2nd Line: Software Release Date

3rd Line: Compression Type

Use *#9999# if other doesn’t work.

4. IMEI Number (Internal Mobile Equipment Identity)


5.  Phone Timers and Game Score Reset.


6.  Call Waiting Status


7.  Displays Security Code in use.


8.  View Private Number


9.  Diverting Calls Status

These let you check the number that calls are diverted to, if the feature is set up.

Number that “All Calls” are diverted to


Number that “On No Replay” Calls are diverted to


Number that “Divert if unreachable”  (No service) Calls are diverted to


Number that “On Busy Calls” are diverted to


10.  Setting Up Diverting Status

These let you input the number that calls are diverted to. Replace the word “Number” in the code with the desired number.

Set Up the “All Calls” Diverting Number


Set Up the “No Replay” Diverting Number


Set Up the “ Divert if Unreachable” (No Service) Diverting Number


Set Up the “On Busy” Diverting Number

Disclaimer:  Proceed with the following instructions at your own risk. is not liable for any damage that may occur.  This website is in no way related to or associated with Nokia.

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Where can I get a replacement LCD screen for my motorola ROKR E1?

My LCD screen is damaged from pressure/shock. Need to find a cheap replacement in Singapore/Malaysia. I can fix it myself, just need the screen. Any recommendations on places to go to? Like places where they keep damaged phones to salvage and sell their parts later? Motorola’s official quote for the LCD screen [...]

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Remove and Replace Keypad on Nokia 5310

Is the Keypad on your Nokia 5310 broken? If you got your phone wet and the Keypad no longer works then this is the repair guide your need to follow.

You can buy a replacement Nokia 5310 Keypad Replacement from eBay.

You will need a T6 torx driver to remove the screws.  I also recommend a thin plastic guitar pick to help undo the covers. Check your local home depot for a torx driver set.  They run about 5 dollars.  Some of the LCD’s come with a driver but it was a t5 torx and was too small.

1. Turn off power to the phone

2. Remove battery cover and Remove the camera cover.close-up-of-5310-camera-cover 4. Insert a small tip object (preferably plastic) into the camera cover near the headset port.5310-remove-camera-cover-start 5. Work the small tipped object around the seam of the cover to release the 2 retaining clips and remove the camera cover. See the pictures below for the locations.clip-location-on-camera-snapon-5310remove-camera-cover-5310-unlocked





 6. Remove the 2 screws that are under the camera cover.remove-2-screws-5310 7. Release the 5 clips on the sides of the cover.3-clips-to-release-on-side-5310 2-clips-to-release-on-side-5310 8.  Flip the phone over and remove the top cover by lifting at the top and working towards the bottom to release the 2 hooks.

remove-top-cover-53109. Remove the keypad by lifting from the bottom. There is a small hook on each side so be careful.2-clips-on-5310-keypad  10. Install the number pad back on. Press firmly on each side to make sure the clips engage.


11. Install the top outer frame back on.  Start from the bottom of the phone.

install-top-frame-bottom-first  12. Make sure the latches on side are fully engaged.  Failure to do this may cause side buttons on the phone not to function properly.


13. Install the the two screws back into the top backside of the phone.

install-2-top-screws-5310 14. Install the camera cover on and make sure is snaps into place.


15. Install the battery and put the battery cover back on.

16. Power up the 5310 by Nokia

17. Test out keypad for proper function.


That’s it.  Enjoy your newly repaired Nokia 5310 in all of it’s repaired LCD glory.

Remember, you can get a New NOKIA 5310 Keypad from the store.

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Disclaimer: Disassembling your T-mobile Nokia 5310 will void the warranty. Proceed with the following instructions at you own risk. is not liable for any damage that may occur. This website is in no way related to or associated with T-mobile or Nokia.

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LCD Screen Replacement for Blackberry Flip 8220


Have you broken the LCD Screen on your Blackberry Flip 8220?  Are you amazed at the high cost for sending the Blackberry Flip 8220 in to have the LCD Screen Replaced?  Are have you looked everywhere for a repair guide for a Blackberry Flip 8220 so you can do it your self?

Well here it is!  This comes straight from our sister site,  These guys are good.  And the screens can be bought for around 50 to 55 dollars from eBay.  Here is the link for the Blackberry Flip 8220 LCD repair guide.  

LCD Screen Replacement Guide for Blackberry Flip 8220

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