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LCD Screen Replacement for Blackberry Flip 8220


Have you broken the LCD Screen on your Blackberry Flip 8220?  Are you amazed at the high cost for sending the Blackberry Flip 8220 in to have the LCD Screen Replaced?  Are have you looked everywhere for a repair guide for a Blackberry Flip 8220 so you can do it your self?

Well here it is!  This comes straight from our sister site,  These guys are good.  And the screens can be bought for around 50 to 55 dollars from eBay.  Here is the link for the Blackberry Flip 8220 LCD repair guide.  

LCD Screen Replacement Guide for Blackberry Flip 8220

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Samsung Instinct SPH-M800 LCD Repair Guide

Repair your Samsung instrinct yourself ans save some money.  Cracked lcd screen, bad backlights white lines in your screen?  Take your Samsung sph-m800 apart and replace the the lcd screen.
The parts are fairly cheap on ebay and there is a guide at the link below.
Picture guide to take apart the Samsung Instinct M800:  Click Here [...]

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Sony K750i LCD Screen Replacement

Repair your Sony K750i yourself and save some money. Cracked LCD screen, bad back light, white lines in your screen? Take the K750i apart and replace the bad lcd screen.
The parts are fairly cheap on eBay and there is a guide at the link below.
Picture guide to take apart the Sony K750i:  [...]

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Water damaged cell phones

So, you dropped your cell phone in the toilet or the sink? Or in your glass of water at dinner. How about the pool. Not all hope is lost. Now, I know that none of us want to lose all of our phone numbers and personal info due to a wet phone. In many cases, there are ways to rescue your phone from water damage. 

  • Don't turn on the ON. This will cause your phone to short out, causing permanent damage for sure. Many people make the mistake of trying to turn it on to see if it still works.  Resist the urge.
  • Don't use a microwave to dry out the phone. This sounds like common sense, but it really needs to be said. And, be careful if you use a hair dryer or something like it. The excess heat could also cause damage, beyond the water.

There are no guarantees, but in a lot of cases the phone just needs time to dry. And with the high cost of most cell phones, and the cost of replacing them, giving them a chance to dry is worth a shot. Here is one of the more promising methods for recovering a water damaged cell phone. 

The Rice Method

As soon as your phone gets wet. Dry it off with a towel or something to remove as much of the water as you can. Disassemble as many of the parts as you can: i.e. battery, Sim card, and any other parts you can remove. If you are adventurous, you can remove the housings, LCD screen, circuit board and so forth. Place the parts into a sealable container with enough rice so the parts can be covered. Place on an air tight lid and give one last final shake, just for good measure. Let the phone sit in the rice for 24 to 48 hours. The rice will soak up the moisture and dry out the phone parts. Remove the parts and shake off any rice stuck to them. Reassemble the phone and off you go. 

Disclaimer: Disassembling your cell phone will void the warranty. Proceed with the following instructions at you own risk. is not liable for any damage that may occur.

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Samsung Glyde Unlock

Are you looking for an unlock code for your Samsung Glyde U940?  In just monents these guys will send you the cell phone codes to unlock your phone. 

Even if you have an older model, or even an off brand phone.  These guys will be able to take care of you and all you Cell phone unlocking needs!

Cheap Samsung Glyde Unlock Codes

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