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How to Change the Nokia N95 LCD Screen

Looking to replace the LCD Screen  on a Nokia N95? The video above is great if you have a broken, cracked or otherwise damaged display screen on your Nokia N95.  The repair is not too hard and you can find replacement LCDs at the lowers cost on eBay. Take a look at some of the [...]

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Unlocking vs. Flashing

There is a bit of confusion out there as to what the differences are between unlocking and flashing your cell phone. They are quite a bit different.


When a cell phone is "locked" it means that it is locked into a particular service provider. Service providers like AT&T and T-Mobile do this in order to prevent customers from switching cell phone providers.

When a cell phone is "unlocked" it means that it can be used on multiple providers or plans, just by switching SIM cards. This is handy for traveling and if you want to switch providers and don't want to have to buy a new cellphone.

There are two methods for unlocking a cell phone:. Unlocking a cell phone by "Code", and unlocking a cell phone via a software tool. Some manufactures’ phones support the unlocking by "Code" method. For instance: many Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Panasonic, Sony and other brands of cell phones.

The other method, using a software tool, is quite a bit more involved. This method requires some software and hardware to unlock your cell phone. Thankfully, there are companies out there that do this for you. Companies like can unlock your cell phone fast and cheap.


Flashing your cell phone is the process of installing new software. Firmware, to be more specific. When a cell phone exhibits symptoms like not powering up or re-booting (or many other software related issues), the firmware is often to blame. Flashing a cell phone is quite an involved process. It requires a computer, flashing device, flashing software and a cable to interface the cell phone to the computer.

This is not something I recommend for the average user. However, there are also companies out there that are able to do this for you.

So there you have it. A brief overview of the differences between Unlocking and Flashing your cell phone.

Keep in mind that neither of these are Illegal. Some may think that unlocking your cell phone is illegal, or wrong, but, I assure you, it is not. Cell phone providers only lock cell phones to insure that customers don't switch providers.

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Repair Nokia 6680 LCD Screen

Is you Nokia 6680  LCD screen not lighting up?  Cracked the screen on the 6680.  Replace the LCD screen on the Nokia 6680 using the following procedure and the the following parts that are available from ebay.
Tools required: Torx 6 screwdriver, plastic tool such as a credit card or guitar pick
You can find a good [...]

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Nokia 5310 Broken LCD Repair Video

Have you broken your LCD Screen? Did your cell phone just go black and you don't know why? Do you see crazy lines across the screen after dropping your cell phone? Well, this video is for you!

While I'm not sure about who put the video together, I am familiar with the guy that took the pictures and wrote the Nokia 5310 repair guide that it is based on, and he does good work. So sit back and feel confident in the knowledge that in no time your Nokia 5310 will be as good as new.

This whole process of replacing the cracked or broken LCD Screen on a Nokia 5310 is really simple.  All you need is a Nokia 5310 LCD screen, a T6 torx driver and something like a guitar pick (or fingernail).  That's it!

Good luck and remember, you can buy a replacement Nokia 5310 LCD Screen from Ebay for cheap.

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Replace LCD Screen on Sony K800i Display

Replace or Repair the display on the Sony K800i.  If your k800i screen is cracked, this guide will help you.  If your Sony K800i LCD is dead, then this video will show you how to disassemble and replace it.  If your lcd screen on your k800i is smashed, then this post will help you fix [...]

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