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How to Stop T-mobile Dash from Rebooting Over and Over

Does your T-mobile Dash keep trying to boot up then stops and reboot and tries again?

Will it just not boot up all the way but just stops?

If so try the procedure at this link: T-mobile Dash Master Reset 

If this doesn’t work then proceed to the following guide below.

The Windows Mobile installation may be corrupted.

The only way to fix that problem is by re-installing the windows software on the phone.

You can get the software for the T-mobile dash at the following link:

Be warned that if you use this method most of the data on the phone will be lost, like text messages and etc. Your contacts should be fine as the are stored on the SIM Card and if you have been syncing your contacts with your PC then they should get loaded when you do the update.

If you are running Windows XP or Windows 2000, you will need to download the Microsoft ActiveSync Software at the following link.…

If you Have windows Vista then you are good to go for the Active Sync software.

Once the you have downloaded the software, run the upgrade software from T-mobile and follow the instruction.

There is no guarantee to work but if your T-mobile Dash is continuously rebooting you don’t have anything to lose by trying it.

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Nokia N70 LCD Screen Replacement

Is the LCD screen on your Nokia N70 broken? How to replace the screen on a N70? Is the screen on your N70 Nokia cell phone  cracked or damaged and you want to repair it?  Then this video below will show you how.
Why repair the display on your N70 yourself? Cost! A new screen will [...]

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Google SMS (Short Message Service) on your Mobile Phone.

Google has, yet again, shown their superiority.  Now we can all receive information on the go from Google.  How many of us are out somewhere and need a phone number, movie showtime, a weather report, stock quotes, an address, or even a translation, and don’t have web capable phones. So, we end up just calling someone we know is going to be parked in front of a computer, just so we can ask them to look something up for us.

Google now has a service that we can use to  search for all of these things and more, and get the results in the form of a text message.

Here’s how it’s done:

1.    Start a new text message.
2.    Type in your search query.

Example: weather boston

3.    Send Message to 46645 (GOOGL) on most phones.
4.    After mere seconds, Google will send back the results.

Example: Weather:

Boston, MA
75F, Mostly Cloudy
Wind: NE 2 mph
Hum: 90%
Thu: 68F-85F, Thunderstorm
Fri: 67F-81F, Chance of Storm
Sat: 65F-85F, Mostly Sunny

This service works on all major mobile providers in the U.S.   Alltel, Cincinnati Bell, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Dobson Communications, Virgin Mogile, AT&T, and U.S. Cellular.

It is not free, however. If you normally have to pay to send and receive text messages, then you will be charged those fees in this case as well. If you are unsure of what charges may apply, contact your carrier for details.

Here is a link to an interactive Demo from Google Mobile. It will give you a chance to practice without paying the service fees for texting. is not responsible for any charges that you incur from the use of this service.

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Replace Palm Treo 650 LCD Screen

Is the Screen on your palm 650 smashed?  Did your Treo 650 get dropped and the LCD screen cracked?  Is the backlight burned out on your Palm Treo 650?  Well this quick little video is what you need.  It will show you how to take apart the Palm Treo 650 so you can remove and [...]

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Cracked or Broken Iphone Screen Repair Deal – 99 Dollars

Is the screen on you Apple Iphone Broken?  Did the touchscreen crack on you new iphone?   It happens.  The cool touchscreen on the Apple Phone is unfortunately susceptible to damage if drop or squashed.  Don’t panic though.  You can get your phone repair for 99 dollars now. is offering a special on Iphone 3G [...]

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