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Verizon LG ENV2 LCD Screen Repair

A reader asked this question: "While camping last weekend, my buddy fell asleep on my EnV2. I awoke the next morning to 4 black cracks leading out of the bottom left-hand corner of the inside LCD. He apologized, but apologies don't fix broken phones. Once I got home, I immediately called Verizon. To my dismay, [...]No related posts. Cracked and Damaged LCD Repair

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Top 5 Reasons to Unlock Your Mobile Phone

1. Eliminate Roaming Fees – Roaming charges can drastically run up a cell phone bill. Roaming charges are set by either your mobile phone plan or your provider's coverage area. By unlocking your mobile phone, you are able to change out your SIM to a cheaper provider when traveling. You are able to make use of cheaper local service plans when traveling.

2. Higher resale value – Unlocked cell phones have a much higher resale value; up to 300% more. They are able to sell higher because they are usable on more networks and there is a much larger base of potential buyers.

3. Change Carriers without buying a new phone – With an unlocked mobile phone, you are able to take advantage of the best local deals on service packages without having to buy a new phone. Much of the cost of changing carriers is buying the new phone.

4. Works for the life of the phone – A cell phone unlock works for the life of the phone. You are free to switch SIM cards and Service providers at will.

5. Fast and Easy – The people over at UNIQUEPHONES.COM offer 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed at the lowest price guaranteed. They are determined to be the cheapest and the best unlocking service you can find online and they are ready for the challenge.

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HTC Snap Dash LCD Screen Replacement

HTC Snap Dash 3G LCD Screen Replacement The video below is a good guide on disassembling your HTC Snap or Dash 3G model numbers S522 or S521.  This will allow you to replace the LCD screen. The question now is "Where can I buy a replacement LCD Screen for the HTC Snap or Dash 3G?"  [...]No related posts. Cracked and Damaged LCD Repair

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how to – HTC – Broken LCD replacement repair

Quick video showing how I have fixed my HTC touch broken LCD display.

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No related posts. Cracked and Damaged LCD Repair

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Nokia 6280 Repair Guide

Here is a great video for Nokia 6280 LCD Replacement.  It also goes all the way threw to show the main board.  So if you have any Nokia 6280 repair related issues.  This is a great place to start.

Remember, Nokia 6280 Replacement LCD Screens and other parts can be bought from our eBay store.

Disclaimer: Disassembling your Nokia 6280 will void the warranty. Proceed with the following instructions at your own risk. is not liable for any damage that may occur. This web site is in no way related to or associated with Nokia.

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