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Replace HTC Touch 6900 LCD Screen

Is the LCD screen or Digitizer on your HTC Touch broken?  No backlight on your HTC Touch?    The repair process is pretty straight forward and you can get nicely priced replacementHTC touch LCD screens on eBay.

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How do I repair an LCD TV With Smudge Marks?

I bought an lcd tv off from Craigslist yesterday and when I got it home I noticed these smudge marks on the screen. I took my LCD screen cleaner to it, and low-n-behold they are still there. How would I repair this and could I do this on my own? Please don’t reply with “you [...] Cracked and Damaged LCD Repair

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Cell Phone Unlocking Codes

For all of you out there looking for cell phone codes, or looking to unlock cell phones, then we have some good news for you! We have joined forces with

When it comes to unlocking cell phones and providing cell phone codes, these guys are the best. They can get cell phone unlock codes to you fast and cheap. Check them out!  All you do it tell them what model of phone you have and some other basic information about your phone, and they send you a cell phone unlock code and all the instructions you need.  Good luck and enjoy!

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Replace the LG Viewty Ku990 LCD Screen

Is the backlight on you LG Viewty dead?  Is the screen cracked on you Ku990?  Broken LCD on you LG Ku990?   Did the touchscreen on you Ku990 stop working? Then this post will help you out.  You can replace the LCD screen yourself and save some money.  It is pretty straight forward repair procedure.
If you [...]

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LCD TV Repair made easy # 6

Now that we see a great many surface mounted components being used in modern day TVs many repairmen are so intimidated they may forget there are still a great many serviceable components and circuits, Especially the switch mode power supply. Here are a few ebooks I thought were very helpful.Troubleshooting & Repairing LCD TVs by [...] Cracked and Damaged LCD Repair

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